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What is a trade-in?

If you have the opportunity to trade in your current vehicle towards the purchase of a newer vehicle, the process is quite straightforward. In essence, you are selling your current vehicle to the dealership so that you may purchase another.

How do I trade my vehicle in?

Many online tools will help you to provide a rough valuation of your current vehicle. However, you are encouraged to bring your vehicle to our dealership so that we can provide you with a more thorough and comprehensive inspection. The value of your vehicle is dependent on many factors. It may be worth more than you think; however, a visual inspection is vital along with a test drive to assure all vehicle features and functions are operating correctly. As we mentioned the process is extremely simple, just provide us with your keys and give us some time with your vehicle. It's that simple.

Why should I trade-in my vehicle?

There are many benefits to trade-in your current vehicle. Some vehicle owners do choose to sell their vehicle privately; however, they may go through some headaches dealing with potential buyers. Listing your vehicle on classified websites such as AutoTrader or Kijiji can bring some benefit; however, we want to take all of that process under our wings so that you don't need to. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and contact our expert product advisors and we'll ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

What determines my Trade-in value?

Once a vehicle is brought to us and the process is complete, you will receive a trade-in value appraisal sheet from us. Some of the important factors that we consider are as follows:

  1. The vehicles year, make, model and exact trim level
  2. If your vehicle has any extra add-ons or options
  3. How many kilometres are current on the odometer
  4. The exterior and interior condition of the vehicle
  5. The current marketplace will play a big role. Looking into the value of your vehicle in our local area
  6. If the vehicle has previously been in a collision

All of these various factors will be taken into consideration when completing your trade-in appraisal. A great way to help bring the value of your trade-in up is to make sure it's clean inside and out. If the appraiser has to guess about how much time it will take to recondition your vehicle it's value may decline. Finally, the last point that needs attention is reconditioning costs, if we accept the trade-in it may need some extra work before it is considered roadworthy according to ministry standards.

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Trade-In at Wood Wheaton Cadillac

Getting the new model of your car is now easier than ever due to multiple financing options. Aside from car loans, you can choose to trade in your old model for the new one at a reduced price. However, this process may seem more challenging on paper. Most people find it difficult to determine the Trade-in Value of their old model when buying a new car.

Buying a new car is supposed to be one of the exciting moments of any car owner's journey. Car owners find it difficult to value their old car and, in some cases, are not sure if they are getting a fair value for their vehicle.

To get an understanding of the process, you should understand what a Trade-in Value is. This value is the amount a dealer is willing to give you for your old car. The amount paid can be used as a down payment for the new vehicle from the new inventory you're looking to purchase.

At Wood Wheaton Cadillac in Prince George, we encourage customers to utilize various helpful online tools to get a rough estimation of the value of their vehicle. Our dealership offers you a chance to get a thorough and professional inspection and tire storage services in Prince George, BC.

The value quoted to your old vehicle is dependent on various variables. A visual inspection and test drive help check if every component is operating optimally.

How the Trade-In Value Calculator Works

To complete your trade-in value sheet, our teams consider factors such as the age, model, and trim level of the car, add-ons, the vehicle's mileage, the interior and exterior condition of the car. Additionally, the current market standing and the vehicle's history, including previous ownership, maintenance records, and collision records, play a part in the assessment.

It is best to ensure your car is clean both outside and inside. The last factor to be considered is the reconditioning cost. This is because we need to ensure the vehicle is deemed roadworthy as per the authority's standards.

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